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What if we could capture the attention of students in middle school and provide them a pathway to success after high school?  What if we keep them engaged, teach them valuable skills and prepare them to confidently enter the workforce?  It’s possible and we have proven that it can be done!


The solution is simple: ENGAGE, INVOLVE, and provide these students a PATHWAY to success.

Starting in middle school, we ENGAGE students with programs like Drone Soccer and XtremeBOTS.  We INVOLVE the students in hands-on designing, 3D printing, building and ultimately battling with their creations against other teams!  We have work-based learning programs for both middle school and high school students to provide them a PATHWAY to a successful career.  For some that pathway could be to college and for others that pathway could be straight into a career with a manufacturing partner.


Founded by small group of volunteer industry professionals, we have proven this self-sustaining model over the past 10+ years and are seeing success as these students are getting good careers with a future.  Interviews with the graduating seniors show that 65% of them plan to go into an advanced manufacturing, aerospace or engineering career.  We have successfully created a pipeline into the advanced manufacturing industry and now we are looking to launch this throughout Ohio.  Please join us and help us create a solid future for Ohio.

For more information on how to partner with XtremeSTEM, please contact us.

“The Xtreme Bots program gives us exposure to potential job candidates that are interested in (manufacturing) careers.  We have improved our image as a company willing to invest in the personal development of local STEM students.”

Jacob Townsend, Project Engineer, Dayton Lamina Corporation

“We participate because it covers all aspects of engineering and manufacturing.  Having a company mentor lets the students get into a manufacturing setting outside of the classroom.”

David Lord, Teacher, Kettering-Fairmont High School

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