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Start an Xtreme STEM team at your school!

Explore whether a 15lb, 3lb, or 1lb BOT team or a Drone Soccer team is right for you.

The Spring 2024 XtremeBOTS competition was a huge success!

We will be announcing our dates for the '24 / '25 school year in May.

Date: (TBA)

With competitions for the 1lb, 3lb & 15lb BOTS!

The 15lb BOTS will have a separate HS & College division. The 3lb BOTS will be a combined HS / College.  The 1lb BOTS will be a combined Middle School / High School division.

Location: (TBA)

The regional championships for U.S. Drone Soccer will also be held during the event!

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Once your team is registered for the March event, you will be able to participate in the Test & Tune Saturdays.  We will hold one in early March and one in Mid-March.


New this year we are allowing Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries.

Photos from the April 2023 XtremeBOTS Competition

Xtreme Bots offers students an opportunity to design, build, problem solve, develop teamwork and hopefully crush the competition in a 3 minute battle.  Similar to the nationally televised BattleBots, Xtreme Bots are 15 lb robots, generally with a weapon, that compete in three minute battles throughout the day.


Check out the video below:


Xtreme BOTS is the exciting hands-on program where students customize

remote-controlled robots and face off in competition.

The robot building process captures student’s imaginations as they design, construct and compete with

their own robotic creations. Through practical application, students gain knowledge

of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

– all essential skills for manufacturing.

Xtreme STEM is working to expand the Xtreme BOTS competition in the coming years as well as support year-round STEM initiatives to further promote and engage students toward career paths in manufacturing.

Also at the event

Hands-on Kid Zone will return in Fall 2022

Hands-on Kid zone

Watching those BOTS smashing and sparks flying in the cage gets every spectator excited! Our ‘Kids Zone’ is the perfect answer for those little hands itching to give it a try! We are providing hands-on STEM activities and mini-competitions such as building mini-robots, 3D printing and much more!  What a great way to inspire the next generation of robotics.


Competition Procedures
Liability Consent Form
1lb Plastic Class Rules
15lb Technical Regulations
Safety Reminders
Judging Guidelines
Internal & Functional Test Request Forms
Document Guidelines
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